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When will I receive my training plan?

Once you have completed the initial survey which provides all the information we need to know about you, you'll receive your training plan and/or nutrition plan within five working days. If you have purchased a one-off training plan, this will be created and sent to you within three working days.

How long until i'll see results?

This is the most common question we get and varies from person to person.
Most of our clients start to notice changes within the first 3 - 4 weeks. How quickly you'll see results may depend on how much exercise you were doing prior to joining Tailored, what your diet was like, how often you are able to train now, whether you follow your nutrition guidelines (or custom nutrition plan for our Transformation clients), whether you watch our instruction videos so you learn how to perform every exercise correctly, and how consistently you follow our programme.

Do I get cheat meals?

Yes and No. For our Weight-loss Course clients we provide nutritional guidelines however do not focus on stringent dieting and re-feeds. The focus is on noursihing foods that benefit your health and prime your body to burn fat. For our online coaching clients, you will be told when you eat cheat meals and how to work these into your lifestyle. These meals are to enjoy and give you a mental break from eating your home-cooked food all the time. They also help you to socialise with friends and provide an easy option to grab on-the-go when life gets busy. These options are still within the caloric ranges that will keep you progressing towards your goals. Over the course of your time with us as an Online Coaching client, we'll add in 'free meals', cheat meals or high-carb days/ high-carb meals depending on your goals, progress and what your body needs. We always strive to create meal plans that are enjoyable and therefore maintainable for our clients. Something important to note: An average fat loss deficit for a client is 4000 calories through diet and exercise per week to lose .5kg of fat. If once a week you eat a burger and fries (which is roughly 2000-2500 calories in one meal) this equates to approximately 50-60% of your weekly fatloss deficit - gone in one meal. To burn that off through extra cardio would mean 3.5 - 4.5 extra hours of cardio that week. This is why we are very prescriptive of when you should have a cheat meal and will provide some preferred options. Don't panic... burgers and fries do make the list, we just ensure the timing of this cheat meal is optimal to support your fatloss goals. Once you enter the maintenance phase of your plan we will add in meals out and cheat meals as you're no longer trying to achieve your goal, but rather learning how to have some of the foods you love in moderation and maintain the results you've achieved long-term. We will walk you through this phase.

How do I sign up?

Select the plan that best suits you. Complete the consultation survey as thoroughly as possible. The more information you provide the better our team can work to provide you with the most custom made plan.

Preparing to sign up

For our Online Coaching clients, your plans are customised for you and your lifestyle, our initial consultation will ask you for three days of your typical eating habits, your weight and some starting photos. Photos are so we can measure your results throughout the journey – they are an important measurement for the program. Photos are safe and will only be shared with your permission. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your photos as well to keep you accountable.