Men 35 and over are getting in the best shape of their lives.

Learn how you can too.

You're one step away from learning how you too can achieve this goal. Take a look below at what Tailored Fit Alpha has to offer! Meet your coach Tyrone Bell, and apply to be the next transformation success.

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Tyrone Bell - Celebrity Trainer | WBFF Fitness Model Pro | Tailored Fit Alpha Coach


Tyrone has coached hundreds of men from around the world to achieve their health and fitness goals via his online coaching service, Tailored Fit Alpha. His methods have been featured in some of the world’s largest fitness media sources. and his celebrity transformations, have made him a highly sought after transformation coach.


If you’re ready to work with one of the best in the business and follow a science-based coaching method that’s guaranteed to get you results, read on.

A snapshot of what you get as an Alpha Client

• Personalised training approach, developed to take you specifically from your starting point       and have you reaching your transformation goal, in the most efficient way possible
• Bespoke nutrition approach to fit individual requirements, lifestyle, health factors and goals
• Training and nutrition cycles are updated each fortnight following your progress updates
• Lifestyle plan addressing key health markers which are critical to achieving a successful             transformation (with ease)
• Direct coaching and guidance - with full accountability and continuous progress updates
• Email support and direct coaching channel
• Learn how to achieve your goals in a sustainable manner, no matter what your starting point

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Top tips from Tyrone Bell

Men 35 and over are getting in the best shape of their lives.

Learn how you can too.

- The secret to building muscle and burning fat, past the age of 35.

- Why normal dieting approaches will now fail you.

- The four-phase approach Tailored Fit Alpha uses to successfully transform the physiques of middle-aged men from around the world.

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