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Get a tailor-made, completely personalised 4 week training plan

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Upon signing up, you'll receive a link to complete a

comprehensive pre-assessment  questionnaire. This questionnaire

will cover everything from your training history, previous and/or

existing injuries, current lifestyle, availability to train, access to equipment and will require you to upload two starting photos. 

Once you complete the questionnaire with your starting photos uploaded, we'll assess your answers and collaborate to create your first training plan - this will be with you within 5 working days of completing your questionnaire. 

Each training session will be completely tailored to your individual goals, needs and level of fitness. Your workouts will be designed to keep you progressing with every session, ensuring you're always one step closer to your goals.

You'll be taught how to correctly perform each movement, so you not only get the most of your sessions but also, learn how to train effectively.

Take comfort in knowing that regardless of your current physique or exercise experience, every single session you complete will propel you towards your goals!


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*Terms & Conditions


We recommend all clients have a medical check up prior to starting their training and nutrition program. By accepting the terms and conditions below, you acknowledge that you understand it is your responsibility whether or not you choose to have a medical check up, and that any health issues or mental illnesses prior or throughout your program must be shared with Tailored Fit.

You understand that the team at Tailored Fit, and its partnered professionals are not medical physicians and that they consult and recommend nutrition, exercise and lifestyle services only. Throughout your Personal Training programme with Tyrone, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your nutrition or exercise plans, or your health, you will contact Tyrone, or the team at Tailored Fit at your earliest convenience.


For medical advice you know to seek your doctor for all health assessments and share any relevant results with the Tailored Fit team. You understand that your Personal Training plan and Tailored Fit plans are designed and customised to suit your individual lifestyle and that by accepting these terms and conditions you agree not to share or sell your Personal Training or Nutrition plans to anyone else.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that any questions or concerns you may have relating to Tailored Fit services are to be emailed to and not to be share to any social media platform. By ticking 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions'  you understand that any slander of Tailored Fit, its experts, and its partnered professionals on social media can cause defamation to the company and individuals.


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