Tailored Fit Personalised Online Coaching, Terms & Conditions



We recommend all clients have a medical check up prior to starting their training and nutrition program. By accepting the terms and conditions below, you acknowledge that you understand it is your responsibility whether or not you choose to have a medical check up, and that any health issues or mental illnesses prior or throughout your program must be shared with Tailored Fit.

You understand that the team at Tailored Fit, and its partnered professionals are not medical physicians and that they consult and recommend nutrition, exercise and lifestyle services only. Throughout your Tailored Fit programme, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your nutrition or exercise plans, or your health, you will contact the team at Tailored Fit at your earliest convenience.


For medical advice you know to seek your doctor for all health assessments and share any relevant results with the Tailored Fit team. You understand that your Tailored Fit plans are designed and customised to suit your

individual lifestyle and that by accepting these terms and conditions you agree not to share or sell your Tailored Fit plans to anyone else.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that any questions or concerns you may have relating to Tailored Fit services are to be emailed to admin@tailoredfit.co.nz and not to be share to any social media platform. By ticking 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions'  you understand that any slander of Tailored Fit, its experts, and its partnered professionals on social media can cause defamation to the company and individuals.


By accepting these terms and conditions you understand that this is a 16-week program and agree to making 16 payments of $125 NZD which will be billed on a weekly basis. Regardless if you participate in the updates or programmes, or choose not to continue,  you are legally liable to make the 16 payments as the price of the initial work performed by the Tailored Fit experts and partners is split over the 16 weeks. Failure to do so will result in debt collection agency recovery and legal action.  Requests for different weekly payment dates will need to be made upon joining and we will do our best to meet your requirements, however this is at the sole discretion of Tailored Fit.  

During your 16-week membership, if you wish to put your subscription on hold due to holiday, extenuating circumstances or illness, please email us one week in advance to pause your payments. The duration of your membership pause will be added to your minimum term. 

For your convenience, all payment plans automatically roll over to a week-by-week basis at the end of the allocated 16 week programme, so you can continue with this membership and receive updated plans and use the service. 

Should you wish to cancel this membership, after your minimum term is complete, please email us one week in advance so we can cancel future payments and terminate your contract.