How guys over 35 are getting in the best shapes of their life

& how you can too

You're one step away from learning how you too can achieve this goal. Take a look below at what Tailored Fit Alpha has to offer! Meet your coach Tyrone Bell, and apply to be the next transformation success.

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Tyrone Bell - Celebrity Trainer - WBFF Fitness Model Pro - Tailored Fit Alpha Coach


Tyrone, to date has helped hundreds of middle aged guys to successfully reach their health and fitness goals, via his online coaching service. His methods have been featured in some of the world’s largest fitness media sources and is a highly sort after transformation coach the world over.


Here he shares his approach in this free video trainer above.

What you get as an Alpha Client

  • The 4 Phase Tailored Fit Alpha approach used to successfully transform hundred’s of middle guy's physiques from all walks of life.

  • Awareness is key. Learn what critical factors are stacked against you now that you’re over 35, BUT how to get them back on your side and working with you instead of against you.

  • The secret to building lean muscle and burning body fat once over 35

  • Learn why normal dieting approaches will now fail you

  • How to achieve your physique goals at the same rate as if you were in your 20’s again

  • Learn how to achieve your goals in a sustainable manner, no matter your starting point.

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Top tips from Tyrone Bell

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Men 35 and over are getting in the best shape of their lives.

Learn how you can too.

- The secret to building muscle and building fat, past the age of 35.

- Why normal dieting approaches will now fail you.

- The four-phase approach Tailored Fit Alpha uses to successfully transform the physiques of middle-aged men from around the world.

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