If you're a man approaching (or over) 40 and are training hard but seeing little results, the chances are it's not your fault.


The simple truth is, the game has changed. 

Training and nutrition programs you followed in your twenties and early thirties likely won't work for you now. Why? Because they don't account for age-related or gender-specific factors that are critical for you to see real results as you age.


That's where we come in. Tailored Fit Alpha is a 16 week programme, created specifically for men 35 and over. When you join Tailored Fit Alpha, you'll have Celebrity Trainer and Head Coach, Tyrone Bell creating your Training and Nutrition Programs designed to address many age and gender-specific factors such as natural testosterone levels, cortisol management, gut health, and sleep quality, which play a major role for men trying to achieve results as they age.




  • Direct Coaching Channel with Tyrone

  • Fortnightly Progress Check-ins & Reviews

  • New Personalised Training Program each Fortnight (based on your progress)

  • Evolving Nutrition Plan Based on Your Goals and Changing Body Composition

  • Educational Exercise Videos for each Exercise Prescribed, to Teach Optimal Form

  • Access to closed VIP Facebook Group

  • Exclusive client-only educational content posted weekly

  • Email support

  • All Check-ins are reviewed, and Personalised Training Programs created by Tyrone


Tailored Fit Alpha is $125 NZD per week, for 16 weeks as a minimum commitment. No sign up fee. Payments are made weekly. 

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